About Us

Mission Statement

Warren Roofing and Insulating Company strives to deliver quality services through all levels of our company promptly, safely, and efficiently . Our goal is to develop and maintain long term relationships with our suppliers, vendors, and customers based on mutual trust and respect. Ultimately we affirm the belief that in all cases it is best to treat others as we would like to be treated our self.

About Us

Warren Roofing & Insulating Company provides roofing services for clients who value honesty, attention to detail, safety, and reliability in a contractor. We are based in Walton Hills, OH, a south eastern suburb of Cleveland, and we provide service for all of Northeast Ohio.

We are affiliated with, and signatory to, Roofers Local 44, Sheet Metal Local 33, and Operating Engineers Local 18, all of which are based in Northeast Ohio.

Customer service is the top priority of management and all Warren Roofing employees. After 94 years, our philosophy hasn’t changed, and that has helped us distinguish ourselves from our competitors.


Warren Roofing & Insulating Co. was established in 1922, and has operated continuously since. We were incorporated into the State of Ohio in 1938. Over the last 94 years of service Warren Roofing has labored diligently to establish itself as the leading roofing contractor in Northeast Ohio. Our roots are in the original tar and gravel roofing system, but as the roofing industry evolves along with new technology, Warren adapts as well and strives to keep ahead of the curve. By investing in the latest technologies and working closely with major roof manufacturers, Warren has established itself as a trendsetter amongst the industry.

Warren Roofing proudly services many of Northeast Ohio’s largest shopping centers, office complexes, warehouses, school districts, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes, churches, and hospitals. The company’s reputation and proven track record has allowed Warren to secure multiple repeat customers and several important partnering relationships with reputable local firms. These associations allow full service supply and contracting services provided by the roofing manufacturer directly to the building owner, with Warren Roofing as the contractor. This regularly proves to be a significant advantage.

A lot has changed in 94 years. Not just within Warren but also within the world which we do business. However, through all the changes, Warren Roofing’s core values have remained unchanged. Complete customer satisfaction has and will always be our foremost concern. Staying true to that belief and continuing to adapt with new technology, Warren is looking toward a promising future.